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munden, bradley joseph

This memorial is for my boyfriend of 12 years who committed suicide on this date.Bradley was an exceptional person and he had his good qualities.But Bradley couldnt cope with his demons and in the end alcohol and drugs got the best of him.He was a very loving person.He did more for me then anyone else.He was there when I needed him and he was there when I lost my dear brother.Brad was a better housekeeper and better cook.He could fix anything.He loved music and was a fan of The Beatles and he loved to tease me.Sometimes we dont appreciate the little things.Now I wish he was here to tease me and make me not worry so much.He loved his cats and loved the house and he loved me and thats all I have to say except this..Bradley you were my soulmate and noone can and will replace you.Until we meet again.Bridget A Elia and Krame


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