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This site gives refuge to our personal memories and grief by sharing and perpetually archiving our thoughts, words and emotions. This free service allows visitors to view online memorials and obituaries and to contribute, at no cost, your own tribute or memories. By leaving an online legacy you are creating a future for the past - at tribute to the person or persons you are writing about. Browse the directory to view ideas and present your own. We all need to remember the wonderful feelings we have had about the people we love, leave them behind for all to share.

To preserve, to  give continued existence  to;  to pass on,
cause to continue to be believed, known and remembered.

LegacyArchives is a non-profit collective that has evolved since 1996 to this current form you see now. New this year is our simplified and improved look and feel and new this summer is the ability to add images and photo's along with your personal memorials.



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